About Me

Welcome to The Trial and Error Kitchen! I am Danielle, your tour guide, through the circus that comes out of my little kitchen. I thought I’d introduce myself and have you learn a little about the girl behind the keyboard.

I love polka dots, boots and shoes, chocolate, the color blue, soft peanut butter cookies, cinnamon, cats, chai tea, getting a good buzz from the gym and getting to dress up. I have a loving husband that is constantly encouraging me to challenge myself and is by my side when things succeed or totally flop. I’m addicted to Once Upon A Time and am trying to learn German, Swedish and Esperanto.

My mom tells me time and time again that I did not want to be in the kitchen as a kid. I was a tomboy and rather be up a tree pretending to be an astronaut than do those “girly things” such as cooking and baking.  As I grew up and left the land of ramen and boxed mac and cheese that was college, I found out very quickly that I had to learn how to feed myself with real food.  Shortly after college I became a Pampered Chef consultant to “learn how to cook” (and it worked to some extent).  From there my love of kitchen gadgets was born.

After learning how to boil a pot of water without burning it (true story!) , I started to enjoy making things that other people could (and did) enjoy too.  I really like to bake. Early on I used boxed mixes just to learn the technical side of things.  Plus, I love science and with baking, you need to be very exact with your measurements or you get a crap cake.  I could relate more to baking to cooking.  Baking also allowed me to tap into my creative side  with decorating. When I have a icing knife or bag in my hand, I am in my zen place.  Nothing else in the world exists except the need to make this cake, cupcake or cookie pretty.

I also tried to recreate meals that I had out at restaurants to 1) make them cheaper and 2) make them in a healthier way.  A girl’s gotta eat, right? I had some hits and fewer misses so I kept at it. I found my strengths, challenged myself, tried new things and eventually I was in the kitchen more and more, chasing my mother and later my husband out. I also am a big supporter of eating locally and growing your own food (to a point).

Slowly family and friends asked for recipes or the famous question “What’s in this?” was asked. That was when the idea for this blog was born. Baking has become a fun hobby and this blog will be a tool to channel my creative energy into. I hope you enjoy the ride with me!


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