Peep Cake

When I first started baking, I have to admit, I used box mixes. I was more into learning how to decorate and wasn’t confidant enough to try many things from scratch. Box mixes were dependable to make a good tasting cake and how simple they were helped a lot too.  I was more comfortable experimenting with icing from scratch so that’s what I did.  I made this boiled icing (that tastes just like marshmallows) from scratch a couple of times so I knew it would be successful.  This was the first time I was going to my new boyfriend’s family’s Easter dinner and I had to make sure I’d have a good impression.


These little cuties were a creation from the Wilton 3D Duck Cake Pan. My husband asks if I’m using the “Cookiepuss” pan because I’ve used this for a number of different projects; a baby duck, a puppy dog, a sheep and I want to make a hippo for Christmas but haven’t had the drive to attempt it yet. I made these BEFORE they came out with the Peep pan! I was wondering around my local craft store and saw an entire display for Peep stuff, including a cake pan.  I thought it was hilarious and a good idea if someone wanted to make their own peeps anytime of the year.  I have a couple friends that just can’t wait for Easter, only to get their hands on the cute little marshmallow.  (Honestly, you don’t need a mold, just take a good look at them and you can see all you’d need is a piping bag and a big, round tip and you can easily make them yourself. They’re not rocket science, just marshmallows.)


It was a lot of fun throwing the colored sugar at the peep. I recommend doing this outside and have someone else hold the cake as you toss the sugar.  We had a good dose of the giggles the entire time we were throwing sugar at each other.

Don’t forget to add the “baby” peeps too! They need their momma.  I dyed some sweetened coconut for a bed of grass,  added jelly beans and malted eggs to make it cheery and festive.  Happy Easter!


Peep Cake
Makes about 12 servings
Special equipment: Wilton 3D Duck Cake Pan
Modified from Wilton’s Fluffy Boiled Icing


  • One box of cake mix (or a scratch recipe that would make a two-layer cake)
  • Eggs, oil and water as per box’s directions

Make the cake batter as per the box’s instructions.  Grease and flour the duck pan, then lay one side on a cookie sheet just in case of overflow. Pour in batter then attach the lid/other side of the duck using kitchen twine or whatever leftover yarn you have lying around.  Bake for 50-60 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean from vent hole.  Cool completely before decorating.

Boiled Icing
Makes four cups of icing

  •  1 1/2 tablespoons Meringue Powder
  • 1/2 cup cold water (separated)
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/8 cup corn syrup

In the bowl of a stand mixer add meringue powder and 1/4 cup water. Beat on medium-high until stiff, about 4 minutes. In microwave safe bowl combine sugar, corn syrup and 1/4 cup water. Heat on high bringing syrup mixture to a boil (approx. 5 minutes). Remove from microwave and let mixture cool slightly for 2 minutes. Slowly add syrup to meringue mixture. Beat on high for 4 minutes until stiff and glossy.

Creating the Peep Cake

Place cooled cake upright on a cake round or the plate you will be serving on.  (You may need to shave off some of the bottom to have a flat foundation.)  Using an angled pallet icing knife, smooth on icing.  You can tint the icing prior to icing cake, depends on your preference. Spread icing over entire cake.  While icing is still wet, take the colored sugar and toss onto cake.  Using two candy-coated chocolates, place the eyes on the head.  Let dry for an hour if a hard crust is desired.  Slice and enjoy!



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